Japan Math Learning Methodology 1)Nurturing and developing the ability to think and the will to learn

In Japan, teachers put a priority on “Making students discover for themselves.”

They place emphasis on having students think by themselves, rather than teachers teaching them how to solve problems or giving the solutions first. It is important that students think by themselves.

Japanese education values the following:

  1. Getting interested in and having the will to solve the problem, and fostering a positive attitude toward learning.
  2. The ability to think independently.
  3. Gaining knowledge and techniques for problem solving.

In other words, what is important is the attitude to “work on a problem” even when the students have not yet learned how to solve the problem. 

There is no need for students to come up with the correct/right answer from the start. Students discover and solve problems by working on their own.

This is the same process taken in Primary Math International’s “Try” section.

Primary Math International Sampler



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