Japan Math Learning Methodology 2) Build Conceptual Understanding

After completing the “Try” step (where students think by themselves before teachers teach), students are ready to understand the topic.

To achieve a solid understanding, students must reflect upon the problem-solving process of the “Try” step.
-What did the problem ask them to find?
-What were the differences between this problem and the problems they’ve worked on previously?
-What did they need to know to solve the problem?
-What kinds of operations were necessary to solve the problem.
-Why were they effective?

The teacher helps students reflect on these questions, one by one, and together they confirm which concepts were most important, and what part of it was newly introduced to them.

With Primary Math International’s “Understand” section, students will solidify their understanding of the concepts/procedure/practice experienced in the “Try” step, with the helping guidance from their teacher. 

Primary Math International Sampler

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