Japan Math Learning Methodology 3) Solve Problems Efficiently 


The ability to select an appropriate method for solving a problem and to execute that method with speed and
accuracy are important skills in mathematics. The “Apply” step is designed to refine such skills.

In the “Apply” step, there are many problems where students can use the knowledge learned in the “Understand” step.
These include problems similar to those worked on in the “Try” step, helping students understand that the same concepts and operations can be applied even if the problems seem different. Their speed and accuracy will improve as a result.

Sometimes, students get stuck on a particular problem. When this happens, it’s important to review with them the foundation of conceptual understanding. Every problem in the “Apply” step must be solved by the students alone without help from the teacher.

When they do not know how to solve the problems, they can return to previous pages to look for clues. Ultimately, through sharing ways of solving problems, and the concepts behind the solutions, with each other, students learn they can apply previously acquired knowledge to every problem.

Along the way, students realize an important learning method: When stuck, review the basics. 

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