Register for our Workshop with Dr. Takahashi in San Francisco!

Register for our Workshop in San Francisco!

Join renowned DePaul University Professor Dr. Takahashi as he examines how our traditional approach to math education fails to stimulate creativity evenly among students.

Based on Japan Math pilot programs in Chicago, San Francisco and Oakland, Dr. Takahashi will share how math educators can create a learning environment that is more engaging, effective and equitable.

The Japan Math curriculum focuses on problem-solving to help teachers meet the structure of PMI units designed to establish level 3 classrooms.

In this workshop educators will learn how to:

  • Redefine “problem solving” from a focus on solutions to stimulating new learning
  • Translate math-based problem-solving skills into real world experiences using mathematical modeling process
  • Create an atmosphere of questioning, challenging and reflecting to help students build fundamental learning skills
  • Identify productive teaching beliefs and debunk unproductive beliefs
  • Develop understanding of concepts and procedures through problem solving, reasoning and discourse 

 For more information about Dr. Takahashi, follow him on Twitter, @AkihikoTa

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