Launch of Rise Up Math Series with Release of Pre-K Materials

Japan Math Corp., publisher of mathematics education materials, has created the new Rise Up Math Pre-K curriculum, which will be available for purchase for the 2021/22 school year. This is the first offering in the Rise Up Math series.

Japan Math Corp. recognizes that enlightening lessons and challenging exercises are a must for a great curriculum, but they’re not enough. Math instruction must also reveal the value and enchantment of mathematics. Rise Up Math Pre-K does this by providing content that guides students and teachers to think, explore, and grow together.

Three key elements set Rise Up Math Pre-K apart from other curricula:

  • Making 10: From the start, special attention is paid to pairs of numbers that sum to 10. This focus paves the way for pain-free addition and subtraction involving numbers of two or more digits. When you start by giving students the tools to calculate quickly and accurately, they can take on new challenges without fear. Math begins with the basics, but we don’t want students to stop there.
  • Lead to Learn: We don’t pick students up at the problem statement and drop them off at the solution – we let them drive the bus. Correct answers are important, but the clear thinking that attains them is the primary objective. Rise Up Math teaches through problem solving with lessons and problems organized as a roadmap to mathematical thinking. Students lead the way.
  • Will and Skills: Learning happens where math knowledge meets motivation. Rise Up Math's exciting activities spark students' interest; insightful connections between math and life fan it into flames. Each Rise Up Math Pre-K lesson is set in the context of everyday life to show a practical application and, more importantly, to captivate students with a new outlook on their world. Students don’t require gimmicks to love math – they only need to be introduced to its wonders.