Math Manipulatives – Using Japan Math Block Sets

What are manipulatives?

Manipulative tools are crucial for young children to understand mathematical concepts. Japan Math block sets serve as a bridge between concrete objects they see in daily life and the abstract concepts used in the world of math, so all learner types can follow along.

Young children don’t comprehend abstract concepts. For example, when you look at the following list, based on the concept of “3,” adults can understand:

  • Three apples
  • Three cats
  • Three liters of water
  • A period of three days

Children, on the other hand, see this list and cannot grasp what “three cats” really means. They must first replace three objects with three blocks, so they can then learn the rule that they are all “3.” 

In the early stages of learning, pictures don’t enhance the physical component of learning like our math manipulatives. Children grasp the concepts of numbers by using their hands and actually experiencing the increase or decrease of objects.

The manipulative tool is indispensable for our lesson books. The Japan Math manipulatives block set has distinctive items and the design of each item maximizes the effect of our teaching materials.




Items Included in Japan Math Block Set

Items Included in Japan Math Block Set
Item Features
(1) Math Blocks (10 in clear case) Students compare numbers and compose and decompose numbers while naturally building their awareness of a “set of 10”.
(2) Math Blocks (10 in opaque case) Once students understand composition and decomposition using the clear case, they can practice making 10's using the opaque case.
(3) Math Block Picture Cards (10) For counting numbers from 10 to 100 as a substitute for math blocks.
(4) Counters (10 red and 10 blue) For counting objects and playing various number-related games.
(5) Red Dot Cards (10) Cards, with dots ranging from 1 to 10, work as a bridge to connect the number of concrete objects to numerical numbers.
(6) Number Cards (20) Cards, with numerals ranging from 1 to 20, teach how numbers correspond to numerals, which are abstract symbols of numbers.

Product Lineup

Japan Math Block Set (Pre-kindergarten - Grade 1)

Japan Math Block Set (Kindergarten - Grade 1)

A set of essential tools for young children designed to help them understand the concept of numbers.


Teacher's Block Set (Pre-kindergarten - Grade 1)

Teacher's Block Set (Kindergarten - Grade 1)

Big magnetic math blocks to be used on whiteboards for explaining the operation of blocks to students.