Product Overview

Primary Math International


For Kindergarten thru Grade 3

Primary Math International is a series of mathematical educational materials that uses Japanese teaching methods. The series also takes into account the Common Core State Standards, and ensures the topics taught meet such requirements. The topics are arranged and presented in a unique way to promote efficient learning. 

  • Lesson Book (English / Spanish)
  • Workbook (English / Spanish)
  • Teacher’s Edition
  • Assessment Tests


    About the Curriculum



    For Kindergarten through Grade 1

    The Block Set is an essential tool for helping young children gain an understanding of number concepts. They serve as a bridge between concrete objects they see in everyday life and the abstract concepts used in mathematics. The set has been proven to have a significant effect on students’ acquisition of various operations skills — particularly base-10 operations.

    • Japan Math Block Set
      • Math blocks with clear case, Math blocks with opaque case, Math block picture cards, Counters, Dot cards, Number cards
        About the Manipulatives
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