Student Assessment Tests Now Available with Japan Math’s Primary Math International Curriculum

Chicago, IL – Japan Math Corp has released an Assessment Test package for their globally recognized Primary Math International curriculum.  For a limited time, the Assessment Tests for Kindergarten and Grade 1 will be available for free with the purchase of the curriculum.

The Primary Math International curriculum aims for students’ progressive mastery of skills by continuing to build upon the knowledge and skills acquired with each lesson.  The Assessment Tests have been designed to measure the level of achievement in each unit, in order to give teachers an understanding of their students’ progress.  

This is done by testing the students’ fundamental understanding of a concept and measuring their ability to correctly execute a certain procedure.  It will also examine their ability to think logically and describe ideas appropriately.  By using these tests, educators will be able to track the academic growth of their students over the school year.

 Assessment Tests are accompanied by a detailed Answer Key for teachers. The Answer Key outlines the objectives of each problem – what each problem intends to measure in terms of students’ knowledge and skills.  Furthermore, it describes how teachers should evaluate students’ answers, or how teachers should interpret students’ level of understanding.

The Assessment Test package includes a test for each unit, as well as mid-term and final tests for both Fall and Spring semesters.  A readiness test is available for Grade 1, to review concepts learned in Kindergarten.

About Japan Math Corp: Japan Math Corp’s proven approach to teaching mathematics has been helping students in Japan excel in math for over 80 years.  The Primary Math International Curriculum uses a 4-step approach to learning, - Try, Understand, Apply, Master – which aims to foster a deeper understanding of math concepts. The full suite of Primary Math International products includes the Lesson Book, Workbook, Japan Math Block Sets, Teacher’s Edition, and Assessment Tests.  To learn more, visit