World-Leading Curriculum from Japan Math Corp. Now Available in the U.S. in English and Spanish Language Versions

          Chicago, IL – Japan Math Corp’s globally recognized Primary Math International Curriculum  is now available to elementary educators in the U.S. It is available in both English and Spanish language versions.

          Primary Math International uses a 4-step approach to learning - Try, Understand, Apply, Master - which aims to foster a deep understanding of math concepts. It focuses on problem solving, encouraging students to try problems and find solutions on their own, with support and guidance from the teachers. Priority is placed on developing the student’s ability to think for themselves, while making sure that they have thoroughly understood the fundamental concepts. The goal of Primary Math International is to develop the student’s Will and Skill to use Math for Life.   

          Japan Math Corp. has been working in collaboration with Dr. Akihito Takahashi, Associate Professor of Elementary Math Teacher Education at DePaul University, and a select group of partner schools in Chicago to combine this proven approach to mathematics with the learning needs of students in the U.S., with the practices of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in mind.  

           “Japan Math has changed the way that we think about math instruction and the common core standards,” said Mr. Joseph Rosen, Assistant Principal of César E. Chávez Multicultural Academic Center in Chicago. “Our teachers are more thoughtful about planning problem-solving based lessons, about encouraging students to defend their answers beginning as early as kindergarten, about planning thoroughly for student misconceptions, and about how to navigate and facilitate math conversations.”

           “The curriculum takes a lot of thought and purposeful planning,” said Principal Lorianne Zaimi of Peirce School of International Studies in Chicago. “But that work is well worth the benefits that we are seeing across grade levels over time.”

          Japan has been consistently ranked among the top countries internationally for academic performance in mathematics. Japan Math Corp. has been helping students in Japan excel in mathematics through their proven approach for over 80 years. After months of research development and testing, they are confident that the method will be beneficial to both elementary students and educators in the U.S. 

          The full suite of Primary Math International products includes the Lesson Book, Workbook, Japan Math Block Sets, Teacher’s Edition, and Assessment Tests. To learn more, visit .